Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) is a traveling gallery and has been developed from a solo and renowned professional artist to an Art Jurist, Coordinator, Promotor and a Gallerist to represents a unique collection of Artists from around the world. MYG has been also a Member of the International Selection Committee for Florence Biennale. She had selected number of artists for 2017 Florence Biennale and at present has been selecting Artists for Florence Biennale 2019. Submitting an application is free of charge.

This travelling Gallery/Gallerist is selecting a matchless group of Artists, promoting them Globally and opening endless opportunities. Because of years of experience, being an Art jurist, MYG selects rich verity of artwork created by painters, fine/contemporary/visual/abstract/impressionists and digital artists, photographers and sculptors to represents them in professional international Art exhibitions and Art fairs.  The selection of artwork has been always appealing to art collectors as well to visitors. Such selection also reflects a wide range of work created with different mediums, techniques, subjects and styles between Contemporary art, abstract, impressionism, cubist, minimalism, expressionism, realism and modern art to complete each other.

Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) has represented hundreds of Artists in different countries such as, UK, France, Switzerland, Monaco and Monte Carlo. MYG is searching not only for quality artwork with unique subjects but also for professional Art organizers with high standers where she would feel proud to represents her selected Artists. Therefore, selecting Art Organizers to engaged with is carefully examined prior to selecting and inviting artists. The intense promotion MYG creates profits both; Artists as well Art Organizers. Being an Art Jurist, MYG has juried art exhibitions held in Italy and Germany as well reviewed hundreds of artworks and selected unnumbered artists for BIANCOSCURO Art Contests .

Having founded and moderated numerous groups, for some years, such as “Global Art Communications” where thousands of members have joined including; Artists, Art lovers, Collectors, Dealers and Galleries has made MYG acquainted with all parties’ goals and understand their needs. In turn, this has qualified her to gain the trust of members as well of the public. Consequently, Mona Youssef Gallery has been successfully taking the role of a professional gallerist and curator to skillfully, assist talented Artists, get them to receive the recognitions deserved and to work hand in hand with professional art organizers. At present, the selection of Artwork for the upcoming exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 is undergo. Artists who wish to apply, are encouraged to fill out the Application Form, and submitting application is free of charge. Selected artists will be notified in person with full information of the exhibition of their choice.

All additional concerns will be considered attentively and clarified with each artist according to personal needs. Herewith, are some Artists profiles who participated in 2018 Exhibitions. Participant Artists in 2019 exhibitions are being added gradually.

André Pinheiro


André Pinheiro is a creative geometric artist with a degree in advertising of which he made a career as a Graphic designer and illustrator His love for visual arts, in 2014, he was enrolled in the Scuela Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. Mr. Pinheiro’s uniqueness artwork is created in oil, graphite, charcoal, acrylic, nail polish and other mediums. In André’s original technique, he uses technical drawing pens, ranging from 0.1 to 0.5mm and India ink. His thought provoking artwork transmits sophisticated connectivity in expressive lines that left to viewers to collectively recognize his inner interpretation of matters. Brazil

Arturo Tejero Esteban


Arturo Tejero Esteban is a painter and Architect. He is a Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, and the College of Architects of Madrid. Having travelled the world including Paris and New York, he finds inspiration and learned to combines Architecture with Impressionist and Contemporary Painting. He has exhibited his work in multiple Exhibitions since his first solo in 1991, and was selected in numerous Pictorial Competitions in Spain. Several of his artworks and exhibitions have been published and Televisión Española has retransmitted a report about it. Currently, in his indivisible duality of Painter and Architect, he works on the artistic project “Reflejos De Arquitectura”. A reflection on the beauty of architecture in the interaction with the composition of the city. Spain

Carol Rowling


Carol Rowling is an abstract artist and studied at Carine and Claremont school of Art.Carol’s influences depicted in her paintings come from flying over the land and sea.The richness of colour and texture that the ochres provide not only lends to the layers of paint and tone but also of the layering of time. These granules have been formed over the centuries which she feels that they give a presence and place to her unique artwork and style. Carol has exhibited her artwork in number of International exhibitions. Australia

Julia Carter


Julia Carter is a fine artist with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and received Honours in Literature and sculpture and diploma in Early childhood education. Herpaintings overflow with soothing energy, elegancy and optimism. Being inspired by metaphorical connections between life experiences and natural landscape, Julia explores the subjects of synchronicity and self-actualization. Textural layers, symbols and inspirational collage elements are interwoven with vibrant colour and embellishment reflecting the complexities and joy of life. Julia has exhibited in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Italy and was a guest speaker at Art Expo New York 2016. Her paintings are found in various collections around the world. Australia.

Lori Burke


Lori Burke is a 4th generation artist who has expressed herself through art from a very young age and was graduated with a Scholarship. Regardless of life difficulties to be an artist yet, passion for painting motivated Lori to become a professional artist. In the instigating location of her studio, there is a constant inspiration to explore an evolving abstract style and technique that has brought Lori to being a very impressive self-taught artist. She works with mixed media painting in acrylics and focuses on the drama and tension between colour and light. She won a “Special Merit Award” for “Big Blue City” painting which was chosen out of 1600 International Artists, in addition to other three Awards to be proud of. Canada

Mishel Schwartz


Mishel Schwartz realized, as a young girl, that art and creativity would always play an important role in her life. Mishel’s artwork is inspired by the natural and the organic world to create the unique pieces in her current collection. In using alcohol inks and the versatility of movement, she builds depth and texture with astonishing fluidity that defines her work and attract her collectors. Mishel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dawson College and a degree in Art History at Mc Gill University in Quebec and was graduated with a degree in graphic design from York University, Toronto. She has exhibited her artwork in different cities and countries. Canada.

Pam Carr


Pam Carr manipulates colour and texture in abstract paintings to evoke emotions. She intuitively uses traditional materials such as acrylic paint, cardboard, sponges, brushes and palette knives to creates texture and layers. Her artwork reflects the full spectrum of human emotions; grief, chaos, resilience, fear, joy and exhilaration to which viewers feel related. Pam studied art at NRCE in England and at SFU in Canada. She has exhibited at group and solo shows in BC including ArtVancouver. Canada.

Vishruta Dumane


Vishruta Dumane specializes in abstract realism, a phrase that was recently coined by distinguished painters David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw.  Her work captures the moment, through the play of light and shadow, color and shapes. She was born and raised in Mumbai, a city known for its cultural diversity and artistic flavors and currently resides in New York City where she studies with Leah Lopez, a distinguished artist and master painter.  She has exhibited her work for the past 3 years at the Salmagundi Club, which is one of the most historic art organizations in the United States.  Her work has been awarded and recognized for impasto, the use of light and shadow, and best floral.  Her love for observation and beauty is the fuel for her passion to create work that captures delicate and romantic emotions motivating and engaging viewers and admirers. USA.

Aini Tolonen


Aini Tolonen is a photographic artist/author from Helsinki, Finland, who finds her inspiration in urban erosion. Her abstract photos could be stated as a journey into the other dimension of urbanity, and the sources of her visual poetry are dreams, myths and time. Seeing the most ordinary details she turns them into something that is far beyond our normal perception. “Seeing the world like one does as a child – that is the magic I want to share.” During the past years, she has concentrated on abstract photography, trying to find unexpected ways to interpret reality and tell stories of the unseen. In her works Time and Erosion, the personal dreams and the associations are woven into a new poetical wholeness. Finland

Barry Davies


Barry Davies’sstyle and concept are to capture a moment of heightened emotion and thought, depicted through contrapposto and an active use of space, conveying a boldness and dynamic physical presence combined with a sense of movement and exuberance. My passion for studying human and animal anatomy has allowed me to portray an almost electrifying event through the muscular tensions within a body, depicting this in bronze with limited editions of 9. UK.

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas is a professional photojournalist and advertising photographer for 35 years and a receiver of “Palm Art Award” and ‘International Aperture Awards”. He has contributed work to; TIME Magazine, NEWSWEEK, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and THE NEW YORK TIMES. Chris also worked for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED during the Calgary `88 Winter Olympics. At home, he has contributed to the Canadian publications as Maclean’s, Cosmopolitan, The Calgary Herald, The Financial Post, The Calgary Sun, The Globe & Mail and The National Post. His work has also appeared in European and Asian publications such as NEWSWEEK JAPAN, DER SPIEGEL, and SEURA. He considers himself a product of Advertising, Art and Photojournalism, mixed with his special talent and passion for photography. His spectacular work is held in prestigious corporates and private collections. Canada

Leila Kanso


Leila Kanso is an artist and Jewelry designer with twelve years of art private tutoring, fifty-three international, local Collective and Solo exhibits, Symposiums, Biennials and Art Fairs participations. Her style is expressive contemporary art depicting the world’s human pain and Social Injustice using different figurative elements inspired by time, space, history and culture. She taught motivation as art Therapy at public schools. Leila is a member of Lebanese Art Association LAAPS. Her artwork is in Corporate and private collections. Lebanon.

Dominika Donde


Dominika Donde is a a ceramic artist, art promotor and a Graduate of Roman Philology and Post-Graduate School of Ceramics with a Master Class in porcelain, Paris. She is Member of the Craft Potters Association, UK. and was recognized by media press interviews and TV documentariesand has been an exhibitor in various countries. Dominika owns a ceramic studio and art gallery in an artistic district of Warsaw. Donde Gallery hosts conferences, events and organizes pro bono actions with various foundations. Poland.

Fay Osman


Fay Osman Mansour is a contemporary artist, born and raised in Lebanon. She is Member of Lebanese Artist Association-painter & Sculptors (LAAPS) and was graduated from the Lebanese University “Institute of fine art”. Currently, Fay is pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Fine Arts focusing on the Sufism and their philosophy choosing the spiritual theme for paintings, which oscillate between the abstract and representational. She participated in many groups’ exhibitions in Lebanon and been represented in private and public collections Internationally. Some of her artwork is part of private collectors in Lebanon and the Armenian museum. Lebanon

Julie Quinn

USA, Michigan

Julie Quinn is a contemporary abstract artist. Being born in Japan, the Asian influences is reflected in the rhythm and movement of her artwork. Her unique technique, using ink, oil and acrylic on clay-board, conveys spiritual messages that her art was chosen by the Vatican for the first ever Contemporary Christian Art Exhibition. Julie’s work was featured in many publications, was commissioned by Calvin College for their permanent collections, exhibited abroad and is found in private and corporate collections.  Julie’s awe-inspiring work reflects an artistic language represents her prayers and profoundly moves viewers. In each painting, there is a visual portrayal of her spiritual journey as the intention is to invites viewers to a travel to a place of peace and intimacy. USA, Michigan

Jutta Legien-Vaya


Jutta Legien-Vaya’s paintings are inspired by music. Having learned that joy and love, pain and despair, birth and death are Universal, dark present at times to open people’s eyes towards universal topics to help them see the bigger picture where art aims a discovery of the oneself for triumph, overcome difficulties and to attain emotional freedom. Jutta’s colours contain life with extensive experience of; BSc in Pharmacy, MA in English Literature and Linguistics and Physical Education, violinist in various orchestras and ensembles. Her artwork motivates viewers to overcome the restricted national thinking and gives hope. Greece.

Katayoon Firouzi

Texas, US

Kayatoon Firouzi is a contemporary artist, painter, poet and photographer. She has a Bachelor degree in Industrial design and studied Graphic design. Light and color are elements main of her paintings where she takes a challenge of destroying something beautiful to create something “daring”. Thus, her work is the cycle of trusting, destroying, reconstructing and creating a dialogue between the viewer and her unknown side. Nature is Kayatoon’s source of inspiration and a place where finds the element of invisibility. Where viewers sense the language of the heart and not of the mind “. She had solo and group exhibitions abroad. Texas. US

Maya Fares


Maya Fares is a contemporary artist. Her style moves around Contemporary Expressionism as she subjectively expresses strong feelings in a free style using cool colors in strong strokes. She is aware of a hedonistic society were the consumer is a king. Maya’s artwork reflects her surrounding and day to day life and expressed on Canvas. Conveying Maya’s artistic vision is clearly from material life which is an individual struggle portrayed in her unique artistic language. Lebanon.

Mine Akin


Mine Akin is a sculptor, trained in Mimar Sinan Academy of Fine Arts. She received a scholarship from the Austrian Government to participate in the Internationale Sommerakademie Für Bildende Kunst.  Mine creates her works by harmonizing the ever-changing relationship between emptiness and mass. Her works mainly draw inspiration from the endless forms of women. I believe that this magical path of creation becomes timeless and ready to be passed on to the next generation when I form them into their final shape in bronze.”  She states.  Her sculptures are created from bronze yet, carry lively movement and feelings that attracted viewers. Her works have been exhibited in collections both Europe and Turkey and received serious attention from collectors and admirers. Turkey

Mitzifiri Stavroula


Mitzifiri Stavroula (MiSt) is a passionate painter and a graphic designer. Her artwork express a philosophical approach. She observes and expresses the mechanisms of human perception and the sacret truth that lies within us. Mist cares to communicate the sacret symbolisms with semantic shapes from the ancient Greek tradition and uses the “Theory of Forms and Ideas” of Plato, trying to connect our humanitarian spirit to our very existence. Her work shakes off the shackles of materialism; infiltrate hidden areas, while trying to seize the moment of an emotional world of energy. A world that runs alongside the actual flow of time. The world of ideas and spiritual liberty believing that our existence is superior while we are one and a channel to the ultimate spirit. Greece

Nacci Guglielmo Alberto


Nacci Guglielmo Alberto’s Art is a path toward the Truth where manifests itself in the means of this manifesting there is BEAUTY. That is why artists should be inherently concerned about Beauty as beauty does have objective standers, the key of which is the golden means. Artists do not create Art for Art exists only in the Perfection of Nature. Art is Beauty, the secret matrix of Beauty and we do not create Beauty. In the presence of Beauty, we can merely be spectators. The uncanny ability of an artist is that to submerge into fully and to wander at ease. That is the only realm where it is possible to elicit, without understanding, the secrets of that matrix which generates Beauty. What we call art is the clear and absolute original language through which the artist expresses his/her own sense of Beauty. Italy.

Tedas Zaicikas


Tedas Zaicikas is a versatile artist, obtained a master degree from Kaunas Technology University. The intensely personal introspective journey of life, from the ever-changing complexities of love, loss, birth and death have inspired him. Most of his oeuvre focuses on abstract art while enjoys impressionism. He applies various styles and techniques to combines spiritual and physical subjects on canvas. He continuously adds and subtracts an instinctive dance between the conscious/unconscious until the emotion is expressed. With palette knife, bursts of primarily oils and encaustics color, he creates a world of imagination and reality to evoke viewers. His work in private and corporate collections worldwide. France

Denise Vieira


Denise Vieira is a self-taught mosaic artist who pursued her passion in 2009 after attending a workshop. Her style is inspired by figurative photography, its light and dark effects, its perspective, as well as the “candid” effect. Denise has the ability of conveying the expressions of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual innate of human forms where her creative vision unfolds. A photograph becomes a drawing where lines and curves are filled with vibrant colors and often disregards the natural color of the object. Rather, piece by piece, Denise hand cuts and shapes stained glass, organizes them with careful consideration of color, contrast and composition. An expression of the human spirit unfolds in each mosaic that profoundly evokes viewers and collectors. Having worked as a dental hygienist and creating such outstanding artwork with mosaic and stained glass, grout and epoxy on Kerdy board, Denise has a genuine talent. Canada

Ton Kalishoek


Ton Kalishoek is a driven and versatile sculptor and designer. He has an aversion to the tendency to see people as objects. Their authentic, characteristic and emotional features hardly seem to matter anymore. His work displays anonymous, featureless people in an emotionally charged situation to sparks one’s interest in questioning who those people are, what drives them? and what are they dealing with? Ton uses modern materials which are applied in interior design and furniture design. “It is not the people that display emotions, but it is the surroundings and the context in which I place them that evoke feelings.” Ton states. Netherlands

Ron Hallam


Ron Hallam is a professional photographer who is passionate about the Canadian landscapes and the Rockies through hiking and skiing. He has a studio, “Gita Landscape Photography” based in Banff, Alberta and Banff National Park a World Heritage Site. His mesmerizing photos capture the instant magic of nature expressing not only his love for it but also his depth and unique sense of exquisiteness, intricate details and of profound intelligent designer, the God who created this natural world, so is Ron’s believes. His work is well distributed across Canada where viewers as well collectors are drawn intimately to each of his photo and feel part of as if were there to enjoy the wonders beauty of Canada. Ron has received Silver Award mention from, and 2 category winners from the Calgary Stampede. His work has been sold on line and from the local shows. He donates pieces every year to CAUSE Canada, for the Fund-Raising Auction. Canada

Nicholas Viviani


Nicholas Viviani is a professional artist and a photographer. He has been working on “Alone” and “Back to Colour”, two personal projects in which He focuses on and highlight the loneliness of the individual in the contemporary world leaving each image open to an infinite amount of interpretations. His aim is to let spectators identify themselves in the Traveller to share the beauty and torment of the world which becomes the theatre of reality. Each picture is the result of months of hard work which is available in limited edition prints with a personal handwritten certificate. He only uses made in Germany papers, inks and pigments and his prints are sold as far as US. Italy.

Sanghamitra Basu


Sanghamitra Basu has been painting since her childhood and exhibited aboard. She was an international children art awardee from Japan, Mexico and Russia, also received the prestigious President’s medal in India. As mostly self-taught artist, Sanghamitra considers herself to be a wanderer on an interesting journey of discovery and contemplation. Paintings impart an expression to her thoughts, emotions, passion. For her, painting is to show a bit of her soul and a way of connecting with her inner self. Netherlands

Shilpa Viswanathan Iyer


Shilpa Viswanathan Iyer is a contemporary artist working with different medias and has exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions. She studied to be a Commercial Artist from the Raheja School of Arts in Mumbai and worked in the Advertising Industry as a Senior Art Director – Hindustan Thompson Associates, Mumbai- India. Shilpa firmly believes that “A solitary fantasy can transform a million realities”. She draws her inspiration from regular practice of deep meditation and has developed a distinctive style – SCULPAINTING, a Unique blend of sculpture and paintings. She sculpts wooden tree trunk slice and fills in the cavities with layers of colours and resin and highlights elements of nature with vivid fluid colours. Shilpa won Prestigious Juror’s Choice Award for painting “Spirit Lives On” in SG50 Art Competition in Singapore and her work titled Totka was chosen to be part of the prestigious NAFA CLE exhibition 2018. Singapore.

Sonja Callaghen


Sonja Callaghen is a landscape photographer with a degree in Biology and kinesiology at SFU. Teaching classical piano, painting and designing Quilt, has enriched her passion for photography. Sonja views her photography as a meditative practice in honouring the beauty of nature and witness fleeting moments. Employing a delicate hand in editing photographs, she works in monochrome to highlights the energy and a message of the moment. Her Quilt’s designs were published in several books and Magazines and exhibited in various Art shows in Canada, US and in the international Quilt Market. Canada.

Barbaras BilderKunst


Barbara Walder is fascinated by nature since childhood which clearly reflected in her paintings striving to find answers about light and colors in nature and their relationship to man. Working with chalk and gouache, she adds special emphasis on naturalness, authenticity and originality which is important part of her existence. The brief moment of “now-ness” the transition from night to day and day to night fascinates her with its peculiar color, a moment of indecision in which its perfect beauty unfolds.” Liechtenstein.

Jane Chepel and Francesca di Fiore

Czech Republic

The creative duo of Jane Chepel and Francesca di Fiore was organized several years ago. It combines the artist-watercolorist and designer of knitwear. Jane Chepel has exhibited internationally and in solo Exhibitions & Art Fair. Francesca di Fiore carries out an ingenious examination of knitwear and explores their possibilities. She creates the art and fashion objects from adorable and precious materials such as cashmere, mohair, silk, pearls, gems and minerals. Jane and Francesca are united by a passionate love for the nature and culture of the Mediterranean. They are inspired by the divine beauty and perfection of color transitions and the exquisite texture of the “living” surfaces created by Nature. Czech Republic.

Laurent Pheulpin


Laurent Pheulpin is a fine art photographer whos passion for photography emerged 15 years ago. After a brief stint in landscape, he discovered the limitless possibilities in his studio. As a former chemist, he still questioning if light is made of waves or particles, while enjoying the discovery by orientating the flashes wherever his imagination leads him. Laurent believes that Light can express deep sadness because of its absence or dissolve the subject which will only be defined by its accessories. Laurent’s passion led him to be a recipient of the Award “Artist of the Year 2011”, Kunstspektrum and has been exhibiting abroad.  Switzerland.