Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) has been developed from a solo and renowned professional artist to a Jurist and a Gallerist to represents unique collection of Artists from around the world. This travelling gallery/gallerist is selecting a matchless group of Artists and promoting them by opening international opportunities. Because of years of experience being a jurist, MYG selects rich verity of artwork created by painters, fine/contemporary/visual/abstract/impressionists and digital artists, photographers and sculptors to represents them in professional international Art exhibitions and Art fairs.  The rich verity of artwork has been always appealing to art collectors. Artwork is created by painters, fine/contemporary/visual and digital artists, as well photographers and sculptors. The selection reflects a wide range of work created with different mediums, techniques, subjects and styles between Contemporary art, abstract, impressionism, cubist, minimalism, realism and modern art to complete each other.

Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) searches not only for high quality artwork and professional Artists with unique subjects but also for quality Art organizers with high standers where she would feel proud to represents them around the world. Therefore, selecting Art Organizers to engaged with in international exhibitions is carefully examined prior to selecting and inviting artists. The intense promotion MYG creates profits for both; Artists as well Art Organizers. MYG has selected many artists being a jurist for BIANCOSCURO Art Contests  . And being a member of the international selection committee for Florence Biennale, MYG has also elected many artists.

Having founded and moderated numerous groups, for some years, such as “Global Art Communications” where thousands of members have joined including; Artists, Art lovers, Collectors, Dealers and Galleries has made MYG acquainted with all parties’ goals and understand their needs. In turn, this has qualified her to gain the trust of members as well of the public. Consequently, Mona Youssef Gallery has been successfully taking the role of a professional gallerist and curator to skillfully, assist talented Artists, get them to receive the recognitions deserved and to work hand in hand with professional art organizers. At present, the selection of Artwork for the upcoming exhibitions in 2017 is undergo. Artists who wish to apply, are encouraged to fill out the Application Form, and submit their applications. Selected artists will be contacted in person with full information.

All additional corners will be looked after attentively and clarified with each artist according to personal needs.

Abigail Lockett


Abigail Lockett is a passionate portrait artist and her artwork is found with private collectors. Currently, she is a student of psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, while pursuing her art on the side, and developing a realism style with an ever-growing level of accuracy, using both pencils and oil paints. Her inspiration mainly comes in the form of admiring and examining the work of other artists, such as Eloy Morales, Simon Hennessey and Kit King. England.

Alex Cassels


Alex Cassels’s experience combines animation, having worked on TV &Film productions largely for children TV in UK while carried out various photographic commissions for hotel and travel companies in between. In recent years, the soulful photographic work has taken over and enabled Alex to travel and follow his passion producing landscapes of the natural world, inspired by trips to the western United States. Following a move to France recently, he has broadened his range of subject matter to include portraits, architectural design, cityscapes and street scenes, particularly of Paris. A collection of limited edition prints is currently available upon requests. France.

Andreas Denstorf


PLATUX PhotoArt builds cultural & diplomatic bridges. Philosophy, reflections, intense colors, superimpositions, separations, different levels and meanings create multidimensional PLATUX artworks where each tells a of a story. The pseudonym PLATUX is a combination of the philosopher PLATON and the Latin word LUX for light. He has had International (Solo) Exhibitions & Art-Fairs in Dubai & Abu-Dhabi, Louvre Paris, Miami, ARTMUC Munich, Toronto and permanent in the Swiss General-Consulate (Dubai) & German General-Consulate (Sydney). His profile was featured in Publications like Interior Design Cover Story, Interviews, Newspapers, Magazines and Art-Books. Germany.

André Wild (Akor)


André Wild (Akor) is a German autodidactic artist/painter, lives and works in France. His artwork is the expression of a new painting movement called Pranacubism. It is conceived to combine and synthesize the aesthetic influences of abstract, impressionist, symbolist and surrealist painting, to reestablish the partly lost social and spiritual dimension in contemporary art and to illustrate the building blocks of reality held in mutual exchange and transformation by the flow of vital energy under the guidance of cosmic consciousness and universal light. France

Ann Dunbar


Ann Dunbar is a fine painter using mixed mediums. She started her career in England 1994 and was presented in museums and Art Fairs in London as well, in international group exhibitions in various countries. Having settled in France, Ann still participating in many exhibitions and Art Fairs. She creates artwork with luminous layers of stitched silken mass on painted ethereal backgrounds, fleeting moments of nature’s secrets are captured forever. Nature’s energy is like a medicine for Ann which enhances her own life” I am honoured to share my uplifting experiences to offer hope, love and enrichment to others.” Ann states. France

Barbara BilderKunst


Barbara Walder is fascinated by nature since childhood which clearly reflected in her paintings striving to find answers about light and colors in nature and their relationship to man. Working with chalk and gouache, she adds special emphasis on naturalness, authenticity and originality which is important part of her existence. The brief moment of “now-ness” the transition from night to day and day to night fascinates her with its peculiar color, a moment of indecision in which its perfect beauty unfolds.”

Boucard Sophie


Boucard Sophie (Grace) is a multi-talented and self-taught contemporary visual artist and sculptor. She started her artwork at early age, became a winner of some competitions and won a Prize in 2014. She uses the technique of inclusion with gold leaves in 23,52 carats as well the lacquering and affixing of gold leaves. Boucard Sophie started her Collection Ladies in 2016 and each piece requires many months to be completed and has a white lacquered case with silk interior. She is inspired by the “Haute couture” and highlights femininity in all its splendor where viewers can sense the elegance and grace denoted in her Artwork. Her work is found in private collections. France.

Christian Fierro


Christian Fierro is a Chilean Architect with a deep interest in arts. His passion in computers and fractals led him to explore the available tools out there, so to explore the endless possibilities and almost infinite variations of computer-generated abstract expressions. He creates graceful and thought provoking pieces of art with creative compositions that capture viewer’s hearts. Christian defines himself as a self-taught digital artist that came into this form of art as a personal search for a creative escape. Chile.

Dagmar Colen


Dagmar Colen is a professional ad passionate photorealism artist specialist in portraits using pastel as her medium. She is capable of capturing the soul of each character whether human or animal portrait and whether painting them in black and white or in colors. Being self-taught, Dagmar takes pride and feels content when seeing her final creation of work comes to life and receive many admirations and great compliments. Her artwork is found in private collections. Netherlands.

David Dagaro

Mallorca, Spain

David Dagaro is a well-established, talented and international sculptor works with bronze and occasionally with silver to create lively sculptures inviting viewers to marvel and greatly admire his marvelous and become his collectors. He also works with various materials including various metals, resins and woods, etc., using vanguard art (avanguardista) a technique to mold steel wires freehand one by one and merge the joint until the entire sculpture is placed in one or more natural stone in various locations. David has taken his carer seriously and studied at the Academy of Art Popular Temesburg and at present is well-known in the Balearic Islands – Palma de Mallorca – Spain

Denise Vieira


Denise Vieira is a self-taught mosaic artist who pursued her passion in 2009 after attending a workshop. Her style is inspired by figurative photography, its light and dark effects, its perspective, as well as the “candid” effect. Denise has the ability of conveying the expressions of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual innate of human forms where her creative vision unfolds. A photograph becomes a drawing where lines and curves are filled with vibrant colors and often disregards the natural color of the object. Rather, piece by piece, Denise hand cuts and shapes stained glass, organizes them with careful consideration of color, contrast and composition. An expression of the human spirit unfolds in each mosaic that profoundly evokes viewers and collectors. Having worked as a dental hygienist and creating such outstanding artwork with mosaic and stained glass, grout and epoxy on Kerdy board, Denise has a genuine talent. Canada

Edwin Biesheuvel


Edwin Biesheuvel is a Dutch artist who has gotten fame being the founder of ‘Trance-art’ in 1991. ‘Trance-art’ is a movement within the abstract art where he is trying to represent the energetic rhythms of ‘Trance’ House music by painting i.a. flowing organic shapes. His paintings are created spontaneously and the choices of making the perfect shapes are figured out while painting. Edwin paints everything out of his own perception and intuition. Netherlands

Eva-Li Hansson


Eva-Li Hansson is a recognized International Award-winning artist with an innate capacity for deeper connection with higher realms and the creator of” Transformational Art”, Art that changes the transpersonal dimension of human and universal consciousness. Without formal art education, her artwork has been revered for its technical skills that stands out capturing the observers and attracting their attention. Eva-Li has received “First Leonardo Da Vinci Prize” Florence, 2016. Valued at Museum Du Louver and received Artist Code. Her work was also valued and published in” Who is Who in International “Geneva. Eva-Li has exhibited her artwork both locally in Sweden and been represented in private and public collections Internationally. She bravely and gratefully faces the continuous challenges of expanding beyond the unseen elements of our universe to discover what our minds can comprehend and find it as a precious gift for humankind to become NO-THING-NESS. Sweden

Geoffrey Greslin


Geoffrey Greslin is a street black and white photographer. He has been street photographing for number of years driven by his passion and looking for subjects that touches him as well will reach viewers hearts. His keen observation for little objects that speak to him, become poetic photos, telling stories in each without words. France

Heidi Fosli


Heidi Fosli is a multiaward-winning painter in oil. She has been called a” Daughter of Ibsen and Munch” by Italian author and art critic Costanzo Costantini. Her education was done at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. She has exhibited in juried exhibitions worldwide from China to New York and is represented in 3 permanent museum’s collections in Italy, USA and Denmark. Central to Fosli’s art are depersonalized human representations and torsos, and impressionistic style inspired by C. Monet. Fosli makes extensive use of symbolism inspired by E. Munch, and conveys the wonder of our existence expressed in her art, as well as highlights an imbalance in our society in a global perspective. Norway

Gary Barnhart


Gary Barnhart: Gary Barnhart is a professional Sculptor received International recognition for his expressive and graceful work evoking thoughts and emotions, even though is done with Marble and Alabaster. “Knowing that the stone has a life of its’ own, it is my gift to release this ethereal image into the world of shape and form. Art evokes thought, emotion, communication and an opportunity for contemplation and meditation.” Canada

Gérard Boukhezer


Gérard Boukhezer is a fine artist was born September 12, 1949 in Paris with a brush in his hand. His childhood was enriched by the frequent visits to the Louvre Museum which have triggered his talent and influenced his artistic life and career today. Gerard has been practicing his art for 12 years in his studio which was established 1992. Since then, he has devoted himself to painting subjects of the Maghreb. France.

Isabelle Malo


Isabelle Malo’s art is significantly influenced by nature and is recognized by the dominance of blue. The combined experience had worked in industrial designs, animation and science has contributed to the depth of her artwork and made it one of a kind. Upon viewing her paintings, one could sense the unique creativity in the process that is driven from the heart as she is capable of developing a tasteful body of artwork. Canada

Ismael Sánchez


Ismael Sánchez was Born in Madrid, Spain, architect and painter with an extensive career, participating and winning many exhibitions around Europe as the Bauhaus Prize in Weimar, Germany. Many of his works have been acquired from the Al-Thani Royal Family of Qatar. His paintings are an interpretation of the human moods, including Architecture, nature, objects, abstract forms exploring colors, lights and shadows. Spain

Hilary Burnett-Cooper


Hilary Burnett-Cooper is a British fine artist who has been painting and exhibiting her artwork from an early age and is now a professional artist. Having initially studied Graphic Design at Jacob Kramer Art College in Leeds she is fundamentally self-taught artist. However, Hilary reached recognizable success and won numerous Awards. Some of them; Runner up in the Bockingford Millennium Competition, Winner of the British Watercolour Societies Rexel prize, Winner of the British Watercolour Societies Thames and Hudson prize, Runner up in the Art in Nature competition hosted by Artist’s & Illustrator’s magazine, Winner of the Daler-Rowney award at Patchings Art Centre Winner of The Clairefontaine Award She paints in all mediums, specialising primarily in oil and acrylic landscapes. Her current love of all things Venetian has inspired a collection of works depicting scenes of scenes of Venice. Her paintings and unique brush strokes have attracted viewers and became her happy collectors. UK.

Jacob Surland


Jacob Surland is an enthusiastic Fine Art Photographer, whose path in life is to be a photographic adventurer, exploring all that is possible to do with a photograph and turn it to a rare piece of fine art. He often uses HDR as tool on this journey. No post-processing techniques are sacred, when it comes to creating a magical image. Taking a photograph is only the first step of the ultimate work, breathing the many digital processes, Jacob creates the eye-catching compositions with the undeniable elegant touches that make his artwork one of a kind. His artwork is becoming worldwide distributed in the hands of happy collectors. Denmark.

Karen Vesterager


Karen Vesterager explores the extraordinary in the ordinary through her enchanting photographs. Her unique photographic eye, sees what other people may miss out. A large part of Karen’s artistic approach is her dialog with the captured photographs in the post processing of each photo. She passionately bends reality to the final results to creates uniqueness in each piece of art. She often mixes several photographs to achieve the right atmosphere and attractiveness in her artwork. She has exhibited at Scandinavias largest Art Fair “Art Nordic” in 2016 and 2017 as well in “Women and Art” 2016. Karen’s art is ever growing with number of admirers and collectors and has won the competition of “Greetings from Roskilde” in 2016. Denmark.

Kim Youdan


Kim Youdan has a degree in photography and digital imaging. She has developed her mixed media technique using photography as the foundation for her work. As a nomadic artist, Kim brings together her passions of art, photography and travel to help people celebrate culture. Her approachable and colourful creations instill viewers with feelings of nostalgia through fond memories or generates wanderlust for future endeavours. Kim’s unique observation of surroundings captured in her artwork attracts collectors and art lovers. UK.

Kristen Cauble-Morse

USA / Virginia

Kristen Cauble-Morse is a fine artist influenced by her passion for architectural elements, landscapes, and natural environments. Her artistic nature was developed at an early age and matured to unique explorations of her creativity through numerous mediums and rendered in distinctive brush strokes attracting views and collectors recognizing her style with layers of bold and vibrant color as a reflection of her personality. Kristen’s most recent works carry you thru her European journey as if you were there to enjoy. USA

Lena Jurikowa


Lena Jurikowa is a passionate and professional painter as well a sculptor who is capable of working skilfully with different media. In 1990 Lena had worked as a freelance artist in Poland and from 1997 up-to-date has ben working in Germany. She had Solo exhibitions in many museums among them; Marc Chagall Museum and Art- Museum Vitebsk, Museum of Modern Art in Belarus, City Museum Marne, Germany, Group exhibitions at the Tatra Museum, Poland, Museum of Modern Art “Tsarskoselskaja Kollekcja”, St. Petersburg, Russia, City Museum Weimar and Bienenmuseum in Germany. Art for is the greatest aesthetic pleasure where process of creating artwork from the new born idea to implementing it fully with much discovery and joy. Her worked is created from the heart goes directly to the viewer’s hearts which resounds as music to her ears. music. Her work can be found in Museums and private Collections. Germany

Leszja Gasztany


Leszja Gasztany is a multi-talented artist passionate to paint, dance and act since early age. Her drawings are created from personal imagination and inspired by nature and flowers. Leszja was born in Ukraine and lives in Ireland where her talent has grown and nourished from the inspiring landscape surrounding. This when her artsy talent in 2012 became serious part of her life developing her unique technique. Leszja uses acrylic and oil on canvas with vivid colors and bravery brush strokes and movement which makes her art stands out differently. Ireland.

Lyra Grace Brayshaw


Lyra Grace Brayshaw holds interesting mixture of background that contributed to her unique style. She worked in U.S. Army with Filipino background yet, was born in Japan and currently based in Virginia, USA. Travelling around the world has also added special touch in her artwork and displayed in several exhibits, fundraiser auctions and magazine covers. Her abstract paintings are found in private collections around the world. Lyra her artistic journey started in 2014 when her oldest son handed her a paintbrush and said, “Mama paint.”  This simple gesture has awakened the artist from within and more so after she lost her other son in a tragic accident in the same year. Painting became her way of coping with all the challenging grief and emotions! Her work is inspired by the miracle of life and the reality of death and art became a savior to release her emotional rollercoaster of grief and happiness while battling against the indifference of humans in hopes of offering to view the world by provoking a feeling or memory through a painting. USA

Mireille Meurs (Came2Leon)


Mireille Meurs’s (Came2Leon) theme is nature and life (“choose life” is her concept) where she sees the connection and adores nature and life. Therefore, nature has great influence on the creation of her artwork where viewers are free to see multiples things and discover new elements. Mireille digitally transforms the pictures into new images, which hold beauty by its first appearance. In addition, the transformations deliver images that keep fascinating, and that are to be discovered by the viewer. The epoxy resin layer provides the picture with a glossy surface which re-enforces the colours, adds charisma and ensures durability. Belgium

Maddalena Korda


Maddalena Korda’s portraits known with high sensitivity using Graffiti on gold and porcelain represents artistic expression and delicate balance with the abilities of materials used and won second prize at “Convention d’Azur. Italy

Magda Hanna


Magda Hanna is a self-taught fine artist for many years and recipient of numerous Awards. Magda’s environmentally friendly artwork is done without Paint or Brush and her medium is only Flora; flowers, leaves, sprigs as well as powdered minerals. Magda is interested in human subjects and has been fascinated by the human face especially the eyes with their wide range of expressions and emotions. Her artwork transforms the profound feeling of each piece to viewers and instantly captives their emotions to immediately become her collectors. Magda is well recognized in her region and is a signatory member of the Society of Canadian Artists. Canada

Marcoleen Britz


Marcoleen Britz is a passionate artist was born in South-Africa and lives in Australia. She has completed Art course in 2000 and has been creating oil paintings of fine art. Marcoleen is a member of Vereeniging Art Society for two years and exhibited in verity of cities and courtiers. Marcoleen’s artwork received recognition through Nelson Mandela Art Museum in 2015 for the Nelson Mandela portrait and was featured through written articles in newspapers. Her artwork can be found in private collections. Australia.

Marie-Claude Moise


Marie-Claude Moise is proclaimed as the legendary, in certain circles of art collectors, an uninhibited bold colorist and pitting boldness against boldness. Marie-Claude is known for her uncanny ability to transform a simple taste of life into a kaleidoscope of possibilities, which takes the viewer from a sideline witness, unto an in-depth subjective experience. Her body of artwork is indeed a thought provoking and mostly treated with earthly colors which adds unique depth and outstanding charisma. USA

Natalia Rose


Natalia Rose is an abstract painter, born in Russian and lives and works in Denmark for 35 years where obtained University degrees from both countries. Her works are intense with strong color schemes moves toward a purer and uncontrolled exploration of abstraction and is influenced by the abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. Natalia’s art carries a semiotic component with a broad scale of historical art references reflect the way people using icons to transmit ideas with ability to communicate. Russian inspiration is apparent in her works, ranging from folk art to Russian avant-garde. The suppression of detail is a conscious decision of hers inviting viewers in to create interpretations that are reflective of their own attributions of meaning. “My paintings do not depict the things which I actually observe, but rather what I recall from the past and more accurately wish to see” Russian/Denmark.

Ramon Chaparro


Ramon Chaparro was Born in Llerena, Spain is an sculptor with great prospects and distinguished career, He won the 1st National Sculpture Prize for the 4 four Saints destined to the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Royal of La Almudena. Among other works the bust of S.M. King Juan Carlos I. With multiple awards, he conveys feelings through the anatomy. Spain

Randi Grace Nilsberg


Randi Grace Nilsberg is a fine art photographer who likes to experiment different techniques and styles from soft and subtle colors to the brightness of the entire rainbow. Everything she does starts with a photo of something that caught her eye through its light and shadows, textures and colors. The digital textures she creates is unique and add one of a kind characteristic in her artwork that often intensify the beauty of each piece. Randi has many collectors who were captivated by her art. Norway

Quique Salgado


Quique Salgado is a self-taught painter for 27 years with knowledge of the contemplation and study of great painters such as Antonio López and Richard Estes. Quique has always focused on pure realism and hyperrealism and currently investigating abstraction and textures.
His art has followed an intimate line enjoying, at the same time as doing other work of a professional nature. He has exhibited in Museum of the Trompe L’Oeil in Bordeaux, Sala “Aires de Córdoba” or Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Madrid. He loves to paint continually and share his art locally and internationally. Spain

Ueli Kuehni


Ueli Kuehni (Kühni) is a professional textile designer, interior architect and artist who paints photorealistic in large format with acrylic and watercolour. His paintings are telling stories about everyday banalities and predictabilities. From his collection of photographs, sketches and drawings during traveling around the world which are source of inspiration. He studied the art of Tiefdruck (copper plate engraving) under Roger Briner in Bern and architectural in Art School of Bern. .2016, Ueli was a winner of an art scholarship that brought him to Cairo for 6 month. He has exhibited his artwork in solos and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. He runs his one artist’s studio in Switzerland.

Uwe Arendt


Uwe Arendt is a multi-talented professional artist inspired by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and was enthralled with Schiele’s line and composition. His heart moving artwork combines multiple experience of music and graphic design that is unmistakably, sensed in his exceptional and expressive body of work conveying silent yet; sturdy messages to the public. Mr. Arndt’s work has been exhibited abroad where captured the Viewer’s sentiments and minds and has been found in many private collectors and his viewers eagerly, wait to see his next piece of art. Greater Seattle, USA.

Vincent Messier


Vincent Messelier is Award-winning and a self-taught artist started his first painting in 2006. He has developed his own style “Meridianism” and soon enough, became professional in 2011exhibiting internationally in Dubai, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam Barcelona, Bari, Den Haag, Bruges, Paris, Rome, Palermo. He works with pallet knives where viewers can recognize vertical and horizontal stripes and lines that are corrections of the chaos he adds on the canvas. Acryl is his medium and sometimes combines it with pieces of wood, foam or other materials. Vincent He is member of Dubai art centre International. No wonder, why Art is his second skin as he stated where there is urge to create new things to feeding his spirit as well viewers and collectors. Belgium