Mona Youssef Gallery welcomes You

Mona Youssef Gallery (M.Y.G) has been developed from a solo and renowned professional fine Artist to a Jurist, Curator and a Gallerist. This travelling gallery/gallerist is selecting a matchless group of Artists from around the world. Because of years of experience being a jurist, M.Y.G selects rich verity of artwork created by painters, fine/contemporary/visual and digital artists, photographers and sculptors to represents them in professional international Art exhibitions and Art fairs. The selection reflects a wide range of artwork with different mediums, techniques and styles between Contemporary art, abstract, cubist, minimalism, impressionism, realism and modern art. M.Y.G is still searching for Art organizers with high standers to work with hand in hand.

Mona believes that art is an international language to unites and brings together diversity of cultures where participants exchange thoughts and feelings to enrich each other with inspirational fresh input for a better world to live in.

Mona Youssef has juried several international exhibitions in various countries such as Germany, Italy, Monte Carlo and Denmark. Latest exhibition was “BIANCOSCURO Art Contest 2016” which was held in Monte-Carlo Bay Palace, September 2016. Jurors members can be viewed here. At present, M.Y.G has a received an invitation and is a member of the International Selection Committee of the XI edition for Florence Biennale 2017. Members of the Committee can be viewed at this link:

M.Y.G. has received numerous Awards among them the “Prize of Excellence” in ArtMonaco 2015 where represented 33 artists, photographers and sculptors from different 24 countries of 5 continents. Videos can be watched on Videos page or on YouTube channel.

Mona Youssef Gallery was featured in the fine art magazine and in different publications. Few links and images are available on Press Release.

Mona Youssef has obtained a B. F. A. with additional Diplomas and certificates art related with honor Awards. Should You wish to learn more, please feel free to check EDUCATION.

Artists who are interested to be represented by Mona Youssef Gallery, are welcomed to submit request on this link: application.

Thank you for the visit and You are cordially invited to visit Mona Youssef’s personal online galleries at: or to view her realism oil paintings and hope that You will enjoy the visit