A professional artist, how to be classified?

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A professional artist, how to be classified?


There are numerous interpretations of who the professional artist is!

1-Some people believe that he/she is the one who can make living from their artwork.

2-Others believe that he/she is the one who pays fee to no one, but only pays percentage upon sale!  Where there is the opposite opinion that professional artist is only fee independently and collect full sale price!

3-Another perspective is that he/she who developed certain style over the years where viewers can identify his/her artwork even without seeing the signature.

4-Other opinion is that professional artist who paints full time and has nothing to do with representation or sale!

5-A different opinion is that a professional artist who collected impressive umber of Awards.

6-The one who obtained education or condensed training in the art field.

But what is the meaning of word professional?

1-It is the characteristic of a person and how he/she carry or represent his/herself.

2-Engaging in and following a line of style or activity with set of ethical standers.

3-Having consciousness of one’s limitations and goals while displaying courteousness to others.

4-A professional person who takes his/her responsibility seriously and follow through with dignity.

5-A person who holds in-depth knowledge related to his/her activities.

Back to the common comprehension of who is the professional artist; In my opinion that professional artist is the one who developed well recognized style. Who is independent which means takes full control of his/her artwork where he pays percentage to no one. A professional artist who has his own collectors and able to pay his own fees and make his own contacts.  Carries himself/herself in proficient manners displaying the skills, experiences and abilities earned over the years. In addition to the above, of course, holding art education and awards is a plus and making a name only comes with years of investment. Who wants to reach the sky, must to fly!

©Mona Youssef – Gallerist- Fine artist

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