The Law of least efforts – Chopra’s idea

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 The Law of least efforts “Chopra’s idea”

How far the Law of least efforts can go when there is no limit for love, or there is?

It is true that Nature’s intelligence appears to function with ease, effortless, care freeness, harmony and with love. However, behind its marvelous mechanism, there is power beyond human’s comprehension. This marvelous supremacy is what some may call it God or the Creator, others may call it “The fourth spiritual law of success” which is the principle of least action and of no resistance where love and harmony exist.

Believing in such law, some people have opened their arms to the law of acceptance which entails accepting all situations as they come, all people regardless of their colors, different cultures, languages and different religions. This adoption of such belief releases individuals from the burden of resisting the harsh moment or the struggle that may occur to get what they wish and choose to accept what it comes as is.

No denial that we observe nature functioning spontaneously and effortlessly; Birds don’t learn or try to fly, but just fly, fish do not learn or try to swim but they just swim, flowers did not learn to bloom but automatically do and list long list go on and on. Watching the sun shines on certain time where we can count on, same with moon’s light when we expect to shine in the sky, will be there on time. One marvels not only at the beauty of the stars but also at the power regulating them and chances for happy lovers!

In comparison, we are not flowers, neither fish nor birds, I wish I was the latter! The questions come to my mind; what is the difference between human’s brain and animal’s brains? Human worship God/Gods but animals have no clue what that means! People ask questions and search for answers, can invent, discover, to create, reason and to ability plan but where animals would fit here!? If all people had adopted the law of acceptances, who would have made the changes in situations needed improvement such as Medicines, science, humanitarian laws, justice, obtaining freedom of speech or of religion etc.? Many stories in human history took valiant pioneers who made changes upside down have struggled, suffered and faced harsh ships for many today, are enjoying!

When perceive nature, we find that it is a mysterious matter regardless of how much we learn or know so far. The only fact, we are sure of, is that behind the inspiring creation, there is a genuine and greatest artist of all. On escaping this fact, we would miss out on gaining certain strengths rather than working in harmony with Law of least efforts to capture the deepest truth. The more we get closer to nature, the more strengths and knowledge we’ll gain. And with such outcome, anything can be done effortlessly. Being limited as imperfect human is the cause behind the struggle and the huge efforts we make to get something done right. To reach the highest level of understanding requires a measure amount of true freedom accompanied by serious sense of responsibility. This would lead us to working in harmony and love with nature to reach a farer point. A baby walks with efforts and would fall many times, but once he learns the balance, can easily walks and runs effortlessly, and might obtain a golden medal in a marathon!

Walking or conducting our lives in the opposite direction of nature’s laws, as if running against the winds, and we would be only seeking needless efforts. On the contrary, when learning nature’s language, The Law of least efforts will kick in and whatever we do can be done effortlessly with success, joy, harmony, strengths and peace of mind.

I believe strongly in the power of love that can move mountains which is generally called a “miracle”. When we are motivated by love, the Law of least effort takes place because nature is held and was created by the energy of love, no wonder why we say God is Love! The energy of love expands in/outward and multiply. This in contrary with the materialistic motivation where contains energy only within oneself and does not expand. When there is expansion, there is growth, contentment and feeling of ease/relieve and less efforts.

But where the above would take us as artists? In general, artists are motived by love to create artwork with few exceptions for those who are motivated by their egos. From personal experience, nothing is equal to doing things out of love, even though awards are not always apparent, however, sooner or later, the reward will arise timely where the law of least efforts will present it. Meanwhile, artists who are driven by love, guarantee that they have contained the positive energy and the power of love within which will expand with happier results.

Obviously, it is worth to learn more about this law that we may too know how to do things effortless!


©Mona Youssef – Realist fine artist

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