Dear Mona Youssef
I would like to thank you for the beautiful painting you did to commemorate the enhancement of the Canadian Constitution Acts in 1982. I am proud to have it hanging in my home.
P.E. Trudeau.
Previous Prime Minister of Canada
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
December 7, 1999

To read the story of my painting please click here: Mona Youssef and story of the Canadian Constitution Acts oil painting 1982

To view photos of my historical visit to His honour, Mr. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, please check this link:

“As a Canadian Journalist, I have written about many noteworthy subjects, catering to the interests of various communities. I am proud to have had the opportunity to appreciate the work of Canadian Artist, Mona Youssef, whose work transcends thought and imagination from the most simple of concepts. We human, often overlook the most basic beauty that surrounds us every day. Through natural light and shadows, Mona has captured the essence or reality of objects on canvas so they are impossible to ignore. Often our life is composed of what our thoughts make it. Viewing her work has given me a different perspective in which to view life. The blazing color and intricate detail’s expresses how life is to be enjoyed. Pride makes us do things well, but its love that brings them to perfection. Mona has great love to create feelings as optimism and hope, to all who view her work.”
“Your presentation of light and shadows is awe-inspiring. The detail form of every object portrays their natural beauty, which human’s fail to appreciate every day. Through your work one can find hope and purpose in life. There is truly beauty unimagined as we observe these scenes. Knowledge is limited, but imagination covers the world. Yes, you have created imagination from reality.
Kroft Ottokar Corp.
Canadian Journalist,
Kevin Otto, Edmonton, AB. Canada.

“Neben Carl Barks sowie Don Rosa verehre ich die ausgezeichnete Künstlerin Mona Youssef – ihre Gemälde sind fantastisch!
Translation: Besides Carl Barks and Don Rosa I worship the brilliant paintress Mona Youssef – her paintings are fantastic!”
Prince Mr. Karl Heinz F. v. Sayn-Wittgenstein
Art collector
Mallorca – Baleares

“The works are living and are literally animated obviously because of an aesthetically and hygienically character (themed: how inside of you how in front of you). Mona Youssef´s is creating in her works a substrate of poetical hygienically singleness and timeless beauty. In her visionary realism her works seem to be a happy exception in our western society and our civilization!
Ladislaus Weis
Art Historian, Germany
(I had the pleasure meeting Mr. Wiess during my exhibition in Berlin, 2010 and after seeing my original oil paintings, his comment was so inspiring and heartening.)

”Mona Youssef is a high quality fine artist. I had the opportunity to see her paintings at the Florence Biennale, Italy -where she was exhibiting last December, 2007- and I must say they are awesome! A combination of a high standard techniques plus a refined poetry permeate her oeuvre, which a true gift of light and delicacy. Mrs. Youssef is also a caring person, devoted not only to her work but also to the benefits of others. Mona, the hidden secret of your art is reflecting like a mirror, the inner side of the artist”
Maitén Panella
Art Journalist and Curator
Venice, Italy
(I have met Mrs. Panella during my exhibition at Florence Biennale 2007 and it has been a pleasure meeting such kind, expert, understanding persona)

“Gent., sono la Dott. Giuseppina Scotti, critico d’arte, che lei ha conosciuto a Chianciano e queste sono le mie brevi note sulla sua pittura:
“Cascate di ghiaccio…. -mari – di ghiaccio azzurrino si presentano al pubblico della Collettiva Internazionale all’Art Museum di Chianciano Terme (SI)- Italy, quando lo stesso scopre le opere di Mona Youssef. La sua ricerca intensa rivela un modulo espressivo elegante, eppure disinvolto, immerso in quelle “spaccature” profonde, quei cilestrini che illuminano il cielo e l’artista si avvale di luci e ombre, che provocano giuochi d’ambiente soltanto apparentemente freddo, perchè pulsante di vita interiore. Il suo è un percorrere sottile, in equilibrio fra mente e anima, è assiduità di un’ispirazione che sembra oscillare fra sensibilità scenografica e un vortice di dimensioni meditative. Un incontro veramente piacevole e d’interesse quello con l’arte della Youssef.
Dott. Giuseppina Scotti- Critico d’Arte e Poeta
cell. 320 0143753.,br> Piazza V. Gioberti 3- 58100 Grosseto Italy
“Gent. Are Dr. Josephine Scotti, art critic, she has known in Chianciano and these are my brief notes on her painting “Ice-mari …. – ice blue are presented to the public of international collective Art Museum of Chianciano Terme (SI) – Italy, where the same, discover the works of Mona Youssef. Her research reveals an intense form of expression elegant, yet casual, surrounded by those “cracks” deep, those that illuminate the light blue sky and the artist uses light and shadow, causing games apparently cold environment only, because button interior life. Her is a thin cover, in equilibrium between mind and spirit, is faithfully as an inspiration that seems to oscillate between sensitivity and a dramatic swirl of meditative dimension. Truly a pleasant and interest that with the art of Youssef.
Dr. Josephine Scotti-Art Critic and Poet
cell. 320 0143753.
Piazza V. Gioberti 3 to 58,100 Grosseto Italy
(I have met Mrs. Scotti during my exhibition in the Art Museum of Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy 2009 and it has been a delight speaking to her)

“Dear Mona, You are a great artist who deserves all the recognition, admiration and a lot of publicity. I saw your paintings and I was really emotional with your colors and your realism, the landscaping in your work is amazing you have a perfect control of the light and balancing in your compositions, the viewer could touch with their eyes the nature of your work. I showed your work to my friends in Miami and they said “that be so proud to have your art work in their galleries. Salon Del Arte in Miami has the honor to work with you and we consider you as a great master painter.”
Dr. José Luis Guerra
Galerista y marchante de arte Gallery and Art Dealer, Salon del Arte
1939 nw 22st, 33142 Miami, United States

Dear Mona,
You are indeed one of the most active and honest persons I know in the field of fine art. Your professional skills are appreciated by many and I do feel it as a privilege to be one of your valued friends I can trust and rely upon whenever I need your advice or assistance. You are simply someone-of-a-kind and your resources must be more than the average type on earth having so much to share with not even our many art workers being members of the XING universe but it seems to be an endless lot of passion you are presenting from time to time.
Anyone who has met or corresponded with Mona will quickly become aware, that they face a woman with a big heart, but also an iron will to make the most perfect she can manage to both others and herself.
Her paintings are unique and I see them as a mirror of her inner warmth and great interest for both people and nature. I have been hobby painting a bit now and then and knows how hard it is to paint realism in art – it requires a great talent to create such a picture that “goes directly into the body and soul” – but “yes she can “- perhaps because of her otherwise brilliant power of observation to everything going on around her.
The world today might seem like a daunting planet, which doesn`t know whether to turn right or left, but humanity would be equally positive in mind if all were positive as Mona and I could for sure be confident in a choice of retirement and enjoy life`s fruit where the sun always shines.
All the best from
Mr. Kurt Lykke Lindved
(I had the pleasure meeting Mr. Lykke in Copenhagen during my exhibition in 2009 which he organized)

Dear Mona,
Through your inspired poetry and stunningly beautiful visualizations of its meaning, we are confronted with our own humility and humanity, but also the grandeur and majestic role our lives play in the gigantic, unknowable universe. The facts of the universe make us feel small and insignificant, but the human spirit is connected to that greater spirit which dignifies, transforms and elevates us all. Uplifting writing, glorious music from the Enigma Variations, and soulful video! TY!
Mona, your life’s work is about so much more than “visual” art, more than words & water colors, but complete as a full circle fusing & combining all expression with music as the common denominator, chain link & connector. You make the ephemeral tangible, using powerful symbols such as the sea as to speak to the heart, soul & spirit. Loss is humanity’s greatest sorrow, challenge & test. Your video helps us come to terms with it in a personal, thoughtful way through hope not despair. Your videos attract me because they deal with life, poetry, beauty and spirituality. I think that many people today are starving spiritually and, for me, music and opera have fulfilled my starving spirit. You are a very gifted person but also very loving, generous, and wise, all the qualities that make you a special human being and friend. Your video took on an uncomfortable and difficult subject but communicated your philosophy born of personal experience/tragedy with grace, intelligence and a mature perspective! Enjoyed the beautiful, poetic and uplifting presentation!
Your videos are stunning in their artistry, inspiring in their musical interpretation and expression, and challenging in their depth of purpose in grappling with the monumental questions of human existence. Your presentation seems simple and straight forward, belying the tremendous thought and effort that goes into every frame and moment. I marvel at your gift for writing and all of the other arts that work together to touch the minds and souls of your audience.
Thank you for including me in your list of admirers to receive the beautiful and touching gifts you give so generously.
Candace Albert, USA, CA
It has been a great pleasure for me to synergize with Mrs. Albert and it is indeed a spiritual uplifting. Welcome to my YouTube channel to read her profound comments and watch my videos as well.

“I met Mona Youssef in 2008 along with some of her excellent works to exhibit in my Leipzig gallery I run then, and I was impressed by her paintings, both in terms of the depth of the artistic idea and the skilful delicacy.
This impressive experience even induced me to feature her art in my book publications Who’s Who in Visual Art.”
Mr. Ulrich Goette Himmelblau
Domain Art Gallery Owner.\
Leipzig, Germany

“May I express my sincere congratulations on your success. Thank you for the great pleasure of witnessing all those magnificent works of fine art and reading your wonderful poetry. Your title should be” Realism with the Mona Youssef Touch”. In your hands the brush is like a baton in the hand of a conductor creating beautiful music. Are there any future plans for an exhibit in Boston? Count me in!!!!”
Alfred Watson, Classical Composer
United States

“We could all remain children forever by mere looking at your splendid arts. Your creations are memoirs of beautiful times and passion for life. This is so amazing painting depicting summer as reflected in the vibrancy of a child. Colorful and exhilarating laughter of a child is the essence of summer. Your imagination to create such masterpiece is truly incomparable, my congratulations!!”
Mrs. Lourdes Briones Khan
Councillor, Psychotherapist and Culinary Expert, UK

“Dear Mona, your paintings are the mirror of your soul brightening of joy for God’s creations. I clearly see in your art a “thanking” to God, for all the beauty we can see in life and for life itself. Oh, I really hope to have that direct experience with your paintings…as an admired watcher…and who knows…as a lucky owner of your artworks. Any way…bravissima!”
Gianluca Sanfratello (Musician, writer, poet and lawyer)
Rome, Italy
Roma – Italia

“Mona Youssef’s evocative scenes, rendered in a realistic, highly detailed but idealized style have been a source of inspiration — a conduit for the imagination to pursue possibilities of artistic expression in many media, including mine, photography. Mona’s heart-warming works will inspire and guide you to places of inner peace; worlds that we all wish we could inhabit.”
Best regards,
John Christopher
P.O. Box 995, Camas, WA 98607

“Mona, these are so very original! I haven’t seen any like them! They are your signature! I would love for you to illustrate a children’s book that I am writing!
Best Regards!
San Dei, (GoldenEagle)
Las Vegas, USA

“Mona is multitalented artist with a deep understanding of nature, the needs of human, and especially about the special needs of artists and other self-employed creative. She is a warm and trustful personality I warmly recommend as a collaboration partner and friend for anyone. She is a warm and trustful personality I warmly recommend as a collaboration partner and friend for anyone. Mona, you are most insightful and highly intuitive, attributes listed about DaVinci type personalities.
Mr. Tom Merilahti
Synergy Integrated – Connects the Unconnected
Founder, Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator, SICU (Synergy Integrated – Connects the Unconnected)
Helsinki, Global Village 00100, Finland, March 20, 2008

“I have the pleasure of being connected to a truly great artist, Mona Youssef. I have just visited her web site and I am so impressed. Such real talent is rare indeed. I intend to see her gallery in Kingston, Ontario soon. Canada is indeed fortunate that talented artist decided to live here.”
Then later Mr. Bates has visited my studio and this is his comment:
“Mona has a wonderful site which I love to visit to admire her works. While I have number of her prints, I await the day when I can own a Mona Youssef original. I have had the pleasure of meeting her personally and have a private showing of her many originals. I consider her to be the probably the finest living fine artist today. I find the site easy to use and very responsive. I like to see her may works on display.
Bill Bates,
Unstoppable Internet Marketer Team Leader
Unstoppable Entrepreneurs
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(I had the honour to finally, meeting Mr. Bates when he enthusiastically drove two hours to my city from Ottawa to purchase some of my artwork and I have the honor to have a chat with such life-expert and profound person with great taste and understanding not only for art for life)

What appeals to me most about the site is that it is easy to navigate. As a means to getting to know Mona and her award-winning work it is wonderful. It presents us with the world of an artist of tremendous integrity, joy, passion, and skill. I enjoy reading the admirable ongoing testimonials she has received from such distinguished people as the former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in which he writes: “I would like to thank you for the beautiful painting you did to commemorate the enhancement of the Canadian Constitution Act in 1982. I am proud to have it hanging in my home.” The section: Up-Coming Exhibitions and Art News is always up-to-date; refreshing and a pleasure to read. Her thematic Art Gallery is beautifully presented, and a joy to reflectively gaze upon. The seasonal themes are sharply defined; presenting us with rich colours. Should one wish to learn more about her work or to purchase any of her works one may easily do so with one click and the filling in of one’s details. I like the clear information provided on ordering works. Next to the Art Gallery I found the Artist’s Statement to be magnificent. Here one can come to appreciate the driving force behind Mona’s beautiful paintings where she states, “Art has taught me that there is always light somewhere, even when things may seem dark. In my paintings, I focus on the importance of light along with the shadows that complement its beautiful counterpart.” As a welcoming doorway to the world of this fine artist; to the world of this great human being the site is excellent.
Richard Mc Sweeney, Island
Self-originating philosopher, poet, artist, and publisher

“I am proud of recommending Mona Youssef as one of the most talented artists of our generation, who goes the extra-mile to put her success and Art at the service of humanitarian goals. An accomplished artist, professional and human being, an exquisite mixture of talent, idealism, practical common-sense, wisdom and professional reliability. Humanity at its best colours, this is Mona Youssef.”
Monica Do Coutto Monni, Humanithes Co-Founder
Quebec, Canada

“In 2008 I saw for the first time on a common exhibition in Leipzig / Germany your very impressive pictures. It is very extremely a painting in this excellent quality in which the point of view is based on the most exact observation of the reality and by Mona’s masterly brushwork on canvas to be allowed to see becomes transfer. Mona is a perfect master of her genre and takes second place to the big old masters “of the past centuries in nothing. It is to be had got to know to me an honor this woman. Yours faithfully Ralph Hübschmann” February 9, 2009
Ralph Hubschmann, Sculpto art gallery
Leipzig, German
(I have met Ralph during my exhibition in Germany and it has been great opportunity seeing his extraordinary sculptures.)

A master of Art. Mona transforms your winter into summer and spring and vice versa through her passion for Art which is her passion and love. Keep spreading the colors of seasons in our lives. Thank you.
Author, EFT Practitioner, TheraCoach, Consultant, Your Personal CEO (Chief Empowering Officer)
DNA United – Installing DREAMS in Your DNA!
Singapore, Singapore

“Dearest Mona, Thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed reading your interview and I am amazed by your work. The colors and light in your paintings are truly remarkable! The beauty of the blossoms and the depths of the woods draw me in to a wondrous world of mother nature. All my best to you, always. You are truly gifted and I believe it is a God given talent. Quite clearly, Light and Love are shining through in all of your paintings. Many blessings to you!”
Diana Baronin Von Jagenberg
Insurance Risk Analyst and in investment research
Chicago, USA

Received a comment on my “White swan” painting “: “Mona, it is a great painting, it feels like real, on the other hand it feels like in a fairy tale. Water effect is outstanding. I just want to get into the water…..”
Hovik Abrahamyan, gallery owner

Mona Youssef is an extremely warm-hearted soul with a true talent for art! I am certainly not an artist myself, but I have been to the Louvre in Pairs, France. I can say that many of Mona’s artwork match or exceed most of that which is in the Louvre! Aside from her talent as an artist, Mona is a kind soul who works exceptionally well both individually and with other people. She is a wonderful colleague who enjoys working collaboratively with others, and she is very easy to get along with. I really enjoy knowing Mona, and I highly recommend her! If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With warmest regards to all who read this,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – United States
Professional Teacher/Principal/Superintendent Certified, Court Officer & Bonded Notary Public @ Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers

“Mona is a wonderful and great Canadian artist with an amazingly strong message in all her paintings and her art! I’m very happy and also extremely proud to belong to Mona’s friends on Ecademy and on other social networking sites. Mona is one of the best and most talented artists I know! I wish her all the success she deserves!”
Lucas Wyrsch
Swiss Business Club
Entrepreneur, Connector, Networker, Consultant, Enterprise Risk Managing Adviser
Swiss Business Club, TGC-Consultants, Future Power

Hi Mona
WOW! I love the degree of complexity you evoke in your paintings of flowers . . . An inner complexity merging with the simply infinite. Just beautiful stuff. I will share your paintings on a regular basis . . . Thanks VERY much for this lovely insight to your heart. Greetings to your beloved family
Edwin Orion Brownell
Professional Pianist, composer

“I would highly recommend Mona. She is not only a fabulous artist, she is an artist with exceptional insight into the issues effecting artists today. More than just awareness, Mona is a doer with the wisdom to discern where action is needed.” March 20, 2008
Yvette Dubel , Creative Strategy Consultant and Source Artist, Cultural Fusion.
Program Development, Las Vegas, Nevada Area

“Mrs. Mona Youssef’s art is extraordinary. When I return to the United States next year, I hope to decorate my home with her works of art! Mrs. Mona Youssef really has a passion and talent for art. I hope she will paint me one day, too! Her combination of experience, love of life, passion, and positive attitude brings so much joy into the lives of everyone around her. I am so blessed to know her! Thank you, Mona, for everything you do! May 1, 2008
Juan Keefe, Professional Teacher/Principal Certified,
Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, China

I have yet to meet Mona but just online she has introduced me to many wonderful people. She is obviously a most dynamic person and a true Art Professional. I wish there were more like Mona!
Niall “Art Dealer” Fairhead
19 Helenslea Avenue
London NW11 8NE
(I had the pleasure meeting Mr. Fairhead after all at Gagliardi Gallery during my exhibition in London May, 2010)

I visit Mona’s site regularly because the wonderful art she displays there! As a artist myself I very much appreciate the quality of her art. I know how hard and difficult it is to make such high standard work. Her site is easy to use even for people who are not used to work often with a computer. The images are very good. I wish her all the best and hope to see much more of her work in the future
Michal Ashkenasi
Professional aritst, Israel
(I had the pleasure meeting Mrs. Ashkenasi during our exhibition “Landscape” In Italy, 2005 and hope to see her again)

“MONA YOUSSEF is a Canadian Fine Artist and enterprising Business woman of integrity. She operates “The Mona Gallery” to showcase her creations with her own website adding value. The Opportunity of her poetic words resonated “When we truly love what we do we do it whole~souled .ART is a manifestation of Love .. ART is to LOVE!” We send warm greetings to Mona from the ancient mystical DreamTime land of OZ Down Under (Australia) in appreciation of her ART & CREATIVITY. Another innovative lady of integrity and unique art expressions who has a local and global CREATIVITY Dream for a “MarketPlace” Realm having a CyberSpace Shop with an Art Gallery Showcase.”
Michael A Riddell, Artist/Producer/Writer
Global Village CREATIVITY CENTRE Australia.
Michael A Riddell
Redhead Village, Lake Macquarie, NSW

“Mona’s is a highly gifted artist and this is evident in her work and has been acknowledged by many. She has keen observation faculties and a magical bent to render those on canvas that leaves an observer in a trance. She consciously makes efforts to polish her skills by constant improvement. She is a very refined thinker with exceptional communication skills employing the sophisticated manners and delicate choice of words. She is a person with a great positive attitude and highly likable person. Further, she is using her art to spread beauty, elegance, affinity, harmony, respect and peace among cultures & nations. She is an honest, a generous, a smart, a self-conscious and a dedicated person. She is well informed with important issues particularly concerning the art and a very impressive net-worker. She is a dependable person along with keen ability of judgment.
She has such unique talents and enlightened views – a sublime delight – that I have sincere wish & foresee for her talents get wider recognition”
Amer Naveed Raja, CEO/Consultant
Chief Managing officer/Creative Director
MaxMin International Systems: and

“If you would like my humble comments is because you are a delicate artist and all your artwork is beautiful but rather fantastic which reflect creativity, innovation and life in this video – and how much I thank you for your gesture precious artwork by viewing and enjoying it with such music resembles you. I have enjoy and read things and many, I read the beauty between spring and autumn, between each a touch of touches in the colors of flowers in the love of color with the background, in this beautiful harmony between the details that made me in the psychological comfort, and how much I loved the forest and the trees, and I sensed the freedom of spirit and body, and the horses and the blue skies which accompanied the sea and the clouds as if the foam of the sea hugging the clouds in a hurry without abstention. Truly great artwork of my expression are coming from the heart and from my sense of the rich enjoyment that spoke to spirit, intellectual, vision and theoretical Thank you Mona, O you are a great artist”
Maha Drouby Mina
Lebanon, Tirpoli

Dear Mona,
“It is my honor and privilege to be connected with such a talented artist who can capture love and beauty so well. Great paintings!”
Herve Lacheray
Engineering Manager, Software
Quanser Consulting Inc.
Markham, Canada

“Mona is a consummate fine artist and her paintings reflect incredible attention to detail and superlative artistry. The sheer beauty of her work is astounding such that you could believe the objects painted were actually real.
I would recommend Mona as a first rate professional whose integrity, trustworthiness and respectful attitude towards others only adds to her evident accomplishments.
Micheline Murray
London – United Kingdom

“Mona captures the amazing beauty of life in her art! It is an affirmation of peace, glory and exquisite intrigue! Mona’s art is a meditation of creative genius!”
Mrs. San Dei
Las Vegas, Nevada

Comment on my ” Serenity” oil painting
“I love “Serenity” with this great colors. I love it, how the warm colors of the sunlight meets the cool colors on earth. Amazing!”
Gary Busch
Professional photographer
Maple Leaf Studio Tanja & Gary Busch
Heinsberg, Germany

Dear Mona,
“Thank you so much for participating in my network. Mona, I love your work! The passion you have for life and creation exudes in your beautiful paintings. I wish you continued success in the future and would love to help you in any way I can.”
Warm regards,
David Heads,
Chairman and Founder
Giving Aid Limited
Chamber of Commerce Building
22 Lockyer Street, UK

“Mona exhibits an amazing synergy between art and business. With her professionally performed so diversified artistic areas and the practical approach of managing her entrepreneurial sides, Mona has an outstanding career which goes much further than Canada. With admiration, Alex” November 16, 2008
Alex Dragomirescu , R&D Scientist, IPEX Inc.
Toronto, Canada
I have met Mr. Dragomirescu when he kindly and courageously drove along with her daughter in the heart of winter almost 5 hours to attend my exhibition at the art gallery of Queens University, Kingston, Ontario

Mona is a very gifted lady; her art shows her passion and love of nature. I feel very lucky to have Mona as a contact. And hope one day she may show her work in Merida.
Kind Regards,
Keith Hardesty-Neell
Hotel Owner, Hotel Zamna.Hardesty Corporation.Mx
Barrio de Santiago, Merida centro.
Historical Centre, MERIDA, YUCATAN
97000, Mexico

Mona, I will love one day to see you painting and understand how you are able to render so closely the beautiful nature, snow,…trees and flowers…wow…
Nadia Jacobsen
Managing Partner / Art and Wealth Advisory
Greater New York City

“I am absolutely thrilled to have made contact with Mona. Her total sincerity and charm oozes through her communication and her profile. It is fantastic to see her putting together a solo exhibition of her art. Much kudos to you Mona for exploring your inner self through your artistic expression.
Many Regards from Brisbane, Qld, Australia”
Tetka Rhu

“Returned home from the Laurentians to find your BEAUTIFUL tulip card in the mail. It is breathtakingly well done, a joy to look at, I intend to have your card framed. You are SO TALENTED, little wonder you will exhibit at the LOUVRES – that makes you a TOP ARTIST for sure. How did you know that I just love tulips (have yellow tulips on our dining room table right now) and I love little girls (I always say that I am a “girl mother”) since we have two daughters. Your colors are warm, lively and superb. In deep appreciation.
Anette Legault [
(I had the pleasure meeting Mrs. Legault in Frankfurt airport when was coming back from my exhibition in 2009 and we had spent an evening together and came back on the same plan. Since then we have been in touch and it is certainly inspiring knowing her)

Ms. Mona Youssef is an accomplished artist, an ambassador of all things positive and a willing giver of her time and effort to support and encourage others. I am honored to know Professor Mona Youssef.
Sincerely and respectfully,
Daniel Stoica
Professionally Equipped – Personally Dedicated
USA, Florida

Mona is an incredibly talented and creative artist who is able to direct her ‘Big Picture’ while keeping on top of all the details along the way … no small feat! Any project she undertakes is destined to succeed due to that very combination and the special energy she brings to art making.” November 16, 2008
John Zwick , creative director, JZA
Founder and Principal, J. Zwick + Associates
Burlington, Vermont Area

“Mona Youssef is a person of integrity, compassion and vision. If there were more like her this world would be an infinitely more beautiful place for each of us to live in She has unselfishly, encouraged and supported many on their journey and now she is helping me. It is delightful for me to publicly acknowledge for the wonderful soul she is.”
Blessings to all who read this,
Alasdair Urquhart, Artist, England
Alasdair Urquhart

“I think there is no other Mona in the world. The depth of her being comes through in her art and her art comes through in her human interactions. It is all one beautiful Mona. It will be a life changing experience when we meet in person. Her art transforms your world.”
Joyce White
President OF Community Association
Marketing & Advertising
Green Bay, USA

“Mona is as talented as she is a wonderful human being. I would like everybody who views my site and decides to check out who I recommend … to go immediately to Mona’s site and open the photo album containing examples of her paintings. I may spend the rest of my life going there every week or two just to see if she’s posted anything new. Such rich texture … beyond what normal eyes will see! Be sure and tell her what you think.”
John Moffitt
Project Manager, scientist, mathematician
Taxes USA
Note: I had the chance to meet Mr. and Mrs. Moffitt, visiting my studio in Kingston 2009 as they have seen my original artwork and we will meet gain in the future)

“After reading Mona’s profile, she believes that Art is a manifestation of love. And her message through art and her willingness to share it is that of a Go-Giver. I recommend you look at her beautiful photos and her art gallery websites. Truly remarkable work… to the point of Perfection. She said it perfectly with one of her many quotes – “The beauty is to create from simplicity a complex object that still looks simple but powerful.” (Mona Youssef) – Magnifique! Un merci aussi à Christophe pour introduire de Mona au site PN. Mona is so gifted as an artist and the only thing that compares to the beauty of her breath-taking paintings is her. I receive so many compliments on her painting “Blue Shadows”. When I’ve had a long day, just looking at her work… let’s me just breathe.”
Ken Rochon
Connector & Mixologist
Elkridge, USA

“In addition to paying attention to her own artistic career, Mona has expressed great care for how she can assist others. She is a thoughtful person who has also demonstrated her talent as a painter. It is a pleasure to have her in my network.”
Mrs. Yvette Dubel
United States, 101 Convention Center Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, USA
Source Artist and CSR Program Consultant @ Cultural Fusion & Web Antiphon

I love visiting Mona’s site as her work reflects her inner personality, which is very special. Mona paints with passion and love which can be seen in all her work. Her eye for colour, realism and true beauty, keep me coming back for more. I was told about her site through Mona herself and love spending time on it viewing her work. There is nothing I would change on the site, it is easy to navigate and a joy to visit. Spending time viewing this artist’s work leads one into her world, one which she so lovingly shares with us all. I highly recommend her website to you all.
Louisa Catharine Forsyth
Fashion Desige, Italy

“I have known Mona online for a year or more through social networking. She is a professional woman with impressive credentials and work.”
Dr. Sally Witt
Yardley, Pennsylvania – United States
Medical disability
122 Walnut Lane
Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067, USA

“Mona is a world renowned nature painter with a great heart.”
Mr. Clyde Okita
Chicago, Illinois – United State
Art Photographer @ Clyde Okita Photography

“Mrs. Mona is an Angel. Her passion of art is incredible; at the same time as a human she is outstanding. She will always remain in my heart.” May 30, 2008
Dr. Nazneen Khwaja,
Naturopath Doctor/Nutritionist
United Arab Emirates
Medical Practice

“Mona Youssef is a sincere, highly professional and dedicated artist with a rare openness and interest in business and social issues which I find both fascinating and important.”
Christian Conrad
Management Consultant @ brands & values GmbH
Karl-Ferdinand-Braun Str. 2
Bremen, Bremen 28359, Germany

When the depth of the culture of the East meets the broadness of the culture of the West, what happens? The birth of an ocean of cultural talent. And if this talent creates works of art, they would drown the viewers in their majestic splendor. That was what I felt when I first visited Mona’s art website, The four seasons denote the life cycle of humans. While spring represents the birth and childhood, summer the youth. Autumn is the sing of middle life and winter stands for old age. If an artist chooses the subject of four seasons as the theme of her work, it shows what the cycle of life means to her. I admire artists who go for realism. As an artist I can tell that a person got to deeply love his/her work, should have intense passion for art, keen eye for detail and above all he/she should be extremely patient to tread this path. Creating works that are mirror images of one’s surroundings that reflect one’s culture, taste, land and one’s very one existence is not easy. The hues, values and contrasts should be spot on. I always wanted to see & feel the culture, nature and life of the West. Mona’s work literally took me there. Yes, I have seen photos of West but they don’t have human touch. If an artist paints a tree, a leaf or a flower in sunlight with all the shades and structures in detail, the interplay of colors should make you feel as if the light from heavens is naturally playing with the scenery. The colors and tones of Mona’s art are reprints of nature. While viewing the pictures on the pages of her website, I felt as if I was traveling on the roads and paths of Canada, seeing and touching each tree, leaf and flower on the way and feeling the air in my lungs and my face. My feet could experience the cold snow, my skin the full life of spring and summer. If an artist could take you to her world from your world through her work, she did her job with perfection. No wonder Mona won so many awards. I am pretty sure each and every nature lover wants to have at leats one piece of Mona’s work in his or her living room to feel the magic of her wonderland.
Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa, Ph.D. in Microbiology
Scientist, artist, a writer and a social activist

Mona is a highly gifted artist. She is not only professional, inspiring, incredibly creative and talented but also is an incredible human being with a big heart that’s full of love and respect for people and nature. I am so glad to be connected with her.” January 28, 2011
Susan Cooley,
Owner, Akasha Fine Art Glass
British Columbia, Canada

“I did meet Mona in Copenhagen where we both participating the exhibition “Sounds of Art”. She is a very nice intelligent woman and makes very beautiful art. I’ll hope we meet again sometime. Please visit her website and walk to the online gallery.”
Artist, Renee Middelkoop

“Mona is a very nice lady full of passion for art. She puts all her love in everything she does taking care of every single detail – as much in her profession as also in human relations, A wonderfully deep person.” May 1, 2008
Andreja Lajh –, Open networker, Commercial-estate and green energy broker,
Art director, Eno-gastronomy & Lifestyle communication, PR, branding etc.
Public Relations and Communications, Slovenia

“Mona is an outstanding individual. Artistically inclined, she has a real talent for showing art in a new and creative way. She is fun to work with, be with . . . She is honest, kind, a people-oriented person . . . A true professional colleague whom I am extremely pleased to work with! It is without reservation that I give Mona my highest possible recommendation!April 30, 2008
Juan Keefe
Professional Teacher/Principal Certified, Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School

Received a comment on “Driving under Sunset” oil painting
“Stunning, cette substance qui est ciel et terre, est ce qu’Hermès Trimégiste appelle le grand Telesma. Lorsqu’elle produit la splendeur, elle se nomme lumière. Votre peinture est un fluide et une vibration perpétuelle. Cette lumière éthérée est magnétique. Ce tableau est à la fois substance et mouvement, éblouissant!”
Alexandra B. MacKinnon Feodorovna
London, United Kingdom
“Stunning, this substance is heaven and earth; this is called the great Hermes Trimegiste telesma. When the beauty product is called light, your painting is a fluid and a perpetual vibration. This ethereal light is magnetic. This picture is at once substance and movement, dazzling!”

“Hi Mona,
“Your work is just phenomenal. It has touched me in such an unspeakable way. It would be an honor to work with you.
Rosey puskas-ragontse

“Mona is a competent, intelligent, remarkable person and embodied high values of principles for her successful business. She is eloquent and a very professional and exceptional Person.” March 11, 2009
Stefan Haase , Marketing Manager / Brand & Product Manager, Kienzle Uhren GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
Luxury Goods & Jewelry

“Mona is a born artist. Her beautiful oil paintings are life like and extremely pleasant to eyes. I wish her success in her career and many more global awards.”
Asghar Ali Khatau, President/CEO
RIN Enterprises Ltd
Brampton & Toronto, Canada

“Your eye captures even the most intimate details. Bringing the full measure of your passion, Fresh and beautiful each one, leaving an uplift to those that see your work. You are a blessing to those around you.”
“Your eye captures even the most intimate details. Bringing the full measure of your passion, Fresh and beautiful each one, leaving an uplift to those that see your work. You are a blessing to those around you.”
Becky Anderson Wheeler

Mona, your art is absolutely fabulous! Delicate and refreshing. If you wish to contact me, please, access my email through my website listed below. Looking forward to having a creative exchange!
Claudia Xavier
Visual artist, Brazil

“I’m really impressed by her work, she is an artist. She is very enthusiastic. You have my deep respect, Lady”
Pascal Patrol
Area Sales Manager
Thales, Saint Héand, France

Hello Mona,
“Thank you for inviting me to look at your website and your wonderful paintings. I really like them. At first I thought I was looking at photographs. Autumn is my favorite season in your collage of all four. You have a profound gift, and I am pleased to leave a testimonial for you.
I am happy to be connected with you and encourage all who see your profile to take the short journey to your website….. it is only a click away….”
Best regards,
Bob Nicoll
Chief Paradigm Shifter
Remember the Ice, LLC
99577 USA

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