Press Release herewith, is of some Art Magazines, Publications and Journals where Mona Youssef’s profile has appeared. Mona’s biography and artwork have been published in numerous countries such as Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Monaco, Turkey, Denmark and of course, Canada. Known as a realist artist, Mona is proud of having had the privilege to capturing the historical event in her well recognized and famous oil painting” The Canadian Constitution Acts” in 1982. The painting captured Her honors the Queen Elizabeth and the then Prime minister of Canada Pierre Eliot Trudeau and is being hanged on the walls of hos walls in Montreal House. This fact makes Mona very proud in particular when she had the privilege to visit MR. Pierre Eliot Trudeau’s house in 1999 and took new shots of the painting. To view few, please open this link:

At present, I am a member of the International Selection Committee of the XI edition for Florence biennale 2017 (C.I.S) A letter of invitation can be viewed at this link:

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