Mona Youssef Gallery

(MYG) has been developed from a solo and renowned professional fine Artist to an Art Jurist, Curator and a Gallerist. This travelling gallery/gallerist is selecting matchless group of Artists around the world. Having years of experience being an Art Jurist and a Moderator, MYG selects rich verity of artwork created by painters, fine/abstract/contemporary/visual and digital artists, photographers and sculptors to represents them in professional international Art exhibitions and Art fairs. The selection reflects a wide range of artwork with different mediums, techniques and styles between Contemporary art, abstract, cubist, minimalism, impressionism, realism and modern art. MYG is still searching for Art organizers with high standers to work with hand in hand.  

Selecting and representing Artists in well-known International Exhibitions and Art Fairs requires more than simply renting a space and selling it.

Why participate? Artists receive the full benefits of the exhibitions even if there was no sale. Some of these benefits are; exhibition space in good a location, professional presentation, active exposure on social media, professional promotion, make new connections, make new clients and friends etc. In points form MYG does the following:

  1. Screening exhibitions and making all the communications with organizers. Then payment is made far in advance to reserve a booth in a good location.
  2. Spending unnumbered hours on selecting artwork and answering artists personal questions.
  3. Providing free consultation to each artist as the need maybe.
  4. Preparing folder for each artist with his/her photos and information and editing their biographies at times.
  5. Collecting all images of artwork and personal portraits and enhance them in Photoshop for different tasks (Catalogue, video, brochure and website).
  6. Sending artists’ information and images of artwork to art organizers for social media promotion.
  7. Adding artists to MYG’s website for one year to have additional visibility.
  8. Producing a promotion videos and posting it on website and on all social media including YouTube channel to provide artists with permanent and international visibility.
  9. Designing personalized tag/label for each art work and pamphlets/leaflets to present artists during the exhibitions.
  10. Print and ship the Leaflets and Tags to the exhibition’s destination.
  11. Paying postages to mail out invitations and pay the cost for overweight when travelling with them.
  12. Sending electronic invitations to personal contacts and on Social media.
  13. Providing artists all necessary details of the exhibitions to feel home when travel abroad.
  14. Preparing Contracts/Agreements for each artist with detailed information.
  15. Searching for best Hotels accommodation and provide a list to artists upon request.
  16. Designing layout for the booth and calculating all measurements of artwork to have a professional display on the walls.
  17. Promoting artists on social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram as well YouTube.
  18. Preparing artists’ photos and information to promote them in art magazine/catalogue.
  19. Posting images of artwork with artists’ names on each for additional visibility on Social media.
  20. After all, artists collect full sale price and of course there is a required fee for the above professional services and time.

For further questions not covered herewith, please contact the Gallery.