Album herewith, displays some photos of various international Art exhibitions and Art Fairs where Mona Youssef Gallery has selected and represented professional Artists, Photographers and Sculptors in different countries. Among these countries were United Kingdom, France and Monte Carlo. More exhibitions and photos will be added to the album. Photos herewith, are meant to promote participant Artists and have been are taken whether by Mona Youssef Gallery or by her camera during those exhibitions. Therefore, photos included in this gallery are not permitted to be used or copied for any other form or reason. Should anyone Artist or Guest wishes to get his/her photos removed from this album, please contact the Gallerist, Mona Youssef

It gives me a great pleasure seeing Artists happy, enjoying themselves, getting auqainted with each other regardless of background, cultures and languages differences and saying goodbye end of each exhibition is always difficult!  As a Gallerist, I am pleased to see Artists participating with me more than three times and I will continue doing my best for them with my sincere wishes.