Exhibitions and Art Fairs herewith, are some of what Mona Youssef Gallery (MYG) has participated in, whether as an artist or as a gallerist and curator. M.Y.G. is meticulously selecting artwork, Artists and art exhibitions. This journey will continue the refinement of selecting professional Artists. As well the search for professional Art exhibitions and Art Fairs organizers with high standers shall continue to represent Artists and provide them with quality exposure.

Having had many years of experience, MYG is carefully screening which exhibitions that would offer the proper atmosphere and locations to appropriately represents Artists. This process requires time believing that quality has never existed in quantity.  


Mona Youssef Gallery promoted Artists at Biancoscuro Art Magazine page 89 Lausanne Art Fair, April 19-22, Lausanne, Switzerland

Art Shopping, October 19-22, Carousal du louvre, Paris, France.


The XI edition of Florence Biennale, Mona Youssef is a member of the International Selection Committee

19th edition Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 20-22

13th edition Montreux Art Gallery (MAG) – Contemporary Art Fair, Montreux, Switzerland, November 8-12, 2017


Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 21-23


Art Shopping, Carousal Du Louvre, Paris, October 23-25

Chester Art Fair, United Kingdom, November 20-22, 2015

ArtMonaco, Monte Carlo – Monaco, July 9-12, 2015 Mona Youssef Gallery


Liverpool Contemporary Arts Fair – LCAF, World Museum Liverpool, UK, July 3-6

ArtMonaco 2014 – Mona Youssef Art Gallery represented artists from 24 countries April 24-27, Monte Carlo