Da Vinci Town

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DaVinci Town

Da Vinci Town is a small Village where Leonard Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 and grew in this impressive and histories community! This Village is located between Florence and Pisa and could have remained hidden as a Tuscan town, if hadn’t been a place for the birth of one of the most genius artist of all times! Leonard DaVinci name was driven from” Vinci” that used its town name and gave it fame when devoted it to Da Vinci even though the two was dated back to the Etruscan.

The village is sitting amongst the hills of Tuscany below the Apennine Mountains, the romantic village has tidy, twisting streets and splendid views from its main piazza, overlooking the valley that is dotted with olive groves and striped with grapevines. The focus is now on Leonardo and all his accomplishments.

Starting at the Museo Leonardiano (Leonardo Museum) with its full-scale models of some of Leonardo’s inventions and visionary projections recreated from his detailed notes. There, you’ll find innovative ideas that demonstrate the depths of his genius, modeling everything from bicycles, cars and flying machines to an underwater suit and weaponry well before any of them were developed in the following centuries. Bridges, domed buildings, civic plans, and artistic drawings of the great artist and inventor are all in one exhibit, along with interactive displays and computer points for further learning.

The Leonardo Library is across the street, with a full body of manuscripts and drawings by the master. In Piazza della Liberta’ is a bronze equestrian statue installed in 1997 by the artist Nina Akame, inspired by the many sketches of horses Leonardo did. And outside of the town in the tranquil countryside, there is the little stone house where Leonardo was born.

The Santa Croca Church is where Leonardo was likely baptized and you see the bell tower stands high over the town. On the summit is the Roccadei Conti Guidi, a tall stone castle that guarded the hills during the middle Ages.

For those who are interested in inventions or in the art and genius of Leonardo da Vinci, should certainly give a visit to his hometown. It is located west of Florence and is near Pistoia, Lucca, Siena and Pisa. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants in this little and historical town. The Leonardiano Museum is open daily from 9:30 am to

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