Brain, Sends and receives

By December 30, 2014Articles

“Brain, Send and receive”

We have two workable areas in our brains; one that receives and another that sends. Only when the receiver is ready can understand it, visualizes, feels, corresponds, reacts and express; then an outstanding piece if artwork/invention can come out as a result. Having hundreds of cabinets full of photos, slides and negatives is one thing but using them is another story. How many times can we be looking at something or someone but not actually see them? We only see what our minds want us to see.

Seeing with the mind’s eyes has been always a struggle for some artists and art students. To come up with a marvelous painting, we need to relax and allow our minds to see further into what may seem to be every day, ordinary object. How many times do we must ask our art students to close their eyes and see an object before they even try to draw it? Even though we may provide them with a photo, a model or a still-life object in front of them to copy, but is that enough? Certainly, is not. An art Instructor not only teaches students how to draw an object but also to directs them how to feel it. I have seen in my dreams, beautiful places that have never been to and have never seen in real life the unique thing is that I can still see them with as many details as if had been there drawing it in person. I have never seen a photograph equally, with so many details.

We all have been born with different and hidden abilities that we only find out about somewhat, accidentally. Then we choose whether to use them or lose them. Our strongest tendencies usually direct us where to use and/or discover our talents. Learning further about our abilities is another subject. Who knows the makeup of the human body but the only maker! Our gratitude is to God the great creator!

©Mona Youssef – Realist fine artist, Brain send and receive