Do Artists need galleries?

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Do Artists need galleries?


Since the initial accessibility of Internet, many facts have changed. These facts have opened the art world to Artists to communicate on a personal level with buyers and art organizers yet still limited. Therefore, chances for artists are unmoving and slim, why? The reason is that not all art organizers and art collectors would choose to communicate with Artists directly. Will this change and when? We do not know.

No denial that some galleries are no longer in control of the art market and of artist’s limitations. While hundreds of thousands of artists can attract the public by their artwork yet, still difficult to represent and promote themselves; for this requires different skills, time and financial resources.

In additional to the above, it continually looks more professional when artists get promoted and appraised by someone else other than themselves.

An essential point must be mentioned; artists, in general, lack confidence in their artwork and tend to lower prices when their art deserves higher pricing or vise verse. Galleries have seen more of artwork, especially if they are jurors as well, and well updated with art market and pricing.

While good art can still attract serious attention of buyers and collectors, on the internet, regardless of who the artist is, artists still need to be educated of essential facts in art business. Taking control of one’s artwork requires investment not only financially but also, time and knowledge.

The main issue with selecting a gallery to represent artists is not simple! The painful fact is that most galleries hid their artists and prevent them from communicating with their buyers or even share their names or contact information which is totally unjust. Not only that, but also charging artists high percentage of each art piece sold is outrageous. When artists pay up to 85% on each artwork sold, it is rather get kept or hid in the studio. Other artists prefer to pay fee once for each exhibition, have control of their artwork by making direct contact with buyers and make new clients. It is the choice each one must make but the question is; which gallery or gallerist would be best to represent artists?

It is true that artists have the chances of being visible online and on social media is far improved than ever. However, this again requires time and cost and is resembled with having a meal ready or going for grocery shopping, washing, preparing the ingredients, cooking the meal and the preparing table for guests to enjoy the meal.

We know that creating art in general is a self-contained pursuit while marketing it requires social skills and wide communication. However, should artist choose to do both then he/she will be the winner. In general, Art collectors are interested in certain artwork and characters behind it. Having said that, most collectors or art investors look for artwork that will be worth then and later.

Now, knowing that artists have the chance to represent themes by means of the Internet accessibility yet, Internet is not the absolute solution to sell artwork where artists can live happily ever after! Engaging in Internet to promote oneself is hard work and can be time consuming in some cases or in many cases. But you never know what the outcome can be unless you try it and then decide whether you would need a presenter or can do it all alone.

Best wishes to all struggling artists

©Mona Youssef

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