Artists in the Art Market and International frauds; who can help!

By December 31, 2014Articles

Artists in the Art Market!

Dear fellow Artists,

This article is intended to address several problems that some of you may have faced or might face in the future. It is about entering business over the internet with unknown or deceitful agents/representatives. The purpose of this article is to support fellow artists and open their eyes on the real Art world. Having the talent to create art of all kinds is very special capabilties artists possess and are entitled to enjoy, not only the joy that comes throughout the experience of the process in each piece, but also the joy that comes as a result of their hard work.

Some art organizers have been collecting fees for exhibitions, then cancel or change the date and month of the exhibitions where artists can’t participate and lose the fees they paid! Such organizers are becoming professional in manipulating artists with sweet words and empty promises and are capable of play well the role of con-artists.

I was contacted by some artists sharing their stories with me and I believe them as it happened to me before unfortunately. As a curator and gallerist, I take the responsibility to refund artists immediately, should art organizer cancel an exhibition as the case happened in ArtIbiza 2015. Since then, I have been even extra careful with offers I receive from art organizers and screen them well before accepting the offer and before inviting or selecting artists. With the same thought, I would like to encourage you to screen well offers and read carefully agreements you receive before signing. Share your stories with your fellow artists and make it known for it is one of the tools to stop those fraudsters.

Artists face many difficulties in order to make living of their artwork.  Since artists are self-employed; they have to provide for all necessities of life; roof over their heads, studio expenses, rent, art supplies, insurance, professional membership fee, exhibitions’ fee, travel or shipping expenses. Noting that Artists have no vacation pay, nor sick days, neither dental coverage nor maternity leave, gladly Male artists are excluded. In addition, Artists always contribute their artwork to charities and fund-raising organizations.

While artists are good givers, passionate and believe in people easily, they get deceived easily as well. Not that they lack intelligence, but because they are in general, very spiritual, loving and kind people. This fact is hurtful to me seeing them suffer from such situation happening over and over agian! Realizing this fact by some scammers; Artists can be good targets for Internet frauds. This is some information for you read.

As it has been brought to my attention that more many Artists have become victims of scammers, I am sharing this information as i do care. Those people pretend to offer desirable contracts and promise unbeaten business to Artists, when they have no means to follow through. Although, fraudsters have no verification of their business, nevertheless, have the cleaver and sweet methods of collecting Artists’ treasures and money with no defined promises. The sad part is that Artists have nowhere to go to or to whom can report their cases! Who can protect Artists from such internet behaviors and who can help!

The only law Artists have is the copyright law. Even with that, we all are familiar with the Chinese proverbs” We copy right, we do not copy wrong” I do hope that someday we can have a worldwide “Artists union” free of charge! This organization would take care of such cases as described above! Artists have big roles to play in every society and over the centuries. They bring beauty to the world, record history, create valuable treasure to leave behind, build characters to their countries as well cultures. Yes, through their artwork, they unify the world to speak one language and to bring together.

From my personal experience, please do not sign any agreement until you read it carefully and make sure that you can be refunded in case of cancellation. Other tips; keep all messages from organizer, do not reply to the message but write your reply in a new message. Get to know other participants and get their feed back of what they think. Make your research about the organizers and check their reputations. Ask all your questions if not covered in the offer and if organizer is not willing to reply to your concerns and to your satisfaction, please give attention to this sign!

*For further professional information regarding Global Anti-Fraud to learn how you can protect yourself, please read more on: Global Anti-fraud

Please be safe and feel free to contact me should you have any concern and I hope will be able to help.

©Mona Youssef – Realist international fine artist