Art and speaking one language

By December 30, 2014Articles

Art and speaking one language

As a fine artist, I’ve always perceived art as essential bond in our beautiful universe. Applying art in what we do, leads to mutual understanding and respect and holds tight the values of different cultures. The outcome would direct us to speaking one language, but how?

A beautiful building is built not only with one brick but by many of them sticking together to form one strong building. Whereas gabs and conflicts of interests; unity and strengths can’t exist. With the same idea, when racism, prejudice and negative competitions exist will hold us back from living in a world that has the potential to speak one language neither will individuals be able to perform their best.

A beautiful garden packed with diverse flowers, aromas and designs where young and old enjoy it. As is the case with one orchestra playing one symphony yet, there are many players playing harmoniously different instruments with different tones! As the scenario with a chorus sings delightfully multi-part compositions with more than one singer for each part where the audience fully enjoy it.

The marvelous universe was artistically and with love while contains massive verity of everything, yet working in harmony! Observes have witnessed the creation speaking loudly the maximum beautify of art. Meditating on, listing or studying the marvelous conception, we will easily comprehend the artistic unity combined in every tiny creature or matter!

But how can art help us to speak one language where there are vast differences in languages, colors, mentality, background and cultures etc.?  How can we speak one language while having many of them? What art can do for us?

Art is not only creating paintings, composing music, preforming, writing, dancing or singing etc. There is also art of communication, art of teaching, art of listening, art of speech, art of giving and even art of healing!

It is impossible to be happy when knowing that there are people who can’t share or experience same blissful feelings! There is difference between inner peace, as individual, and the universal peace which can’t be completed until everyone has same share of happiness and justice to enjoy this language of art.

Our selfless, untainted and sincere love for life and for our fellowmen should motivate us to do everything with passion where art demonstrates itself. In return, we will taste not only the typical oneness but also the mutual understanding and respect to each other. Simply, the sophisticated universe was created with so much love and thoughts in artistic and multiple ways.

Practically speaking, when creating opportunities for people to choose what they love to do, they will freely express themselves and will master it as well benefit all.  To reach this outcome, we would need expertise in every field to pass on generously, their experiences, passion and love to others. When we master what we do artistically, will bring people closer appreciating the hard work of others. One does not need to be a brain surgeon to appreciate the art of operating, neither does he/she has to be hungry to learn the art of giving nor do they need to be creative architects to admire the art of architectural. But knowing and experiencing the motives behind everything small or great work, automatically will teaches us what it takes to master something. Greatness is not measured by size but by the motive and its quality. Working out of love will unite the world in a common field of understanding and respect, acknowledging each other efforts. Consequently, mutual respect and appreciating to be developed leading to unity. In this sense, we can speak one language through art.

If we reach this understanding, we most likely can speak one language through art!

I am not a dreamer but only writing from a personal experience and that is why am calling for unity, peace, love and understanding. Beautiful life will remain as such when we treat it in such manners. Through art, we can speak one language and this how I am communicating with you, through my art.  Thus, let us speak to one another the language of love, yes the language of art.

©Mona Youssef, Fine artist and writer